Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

Because kitchen remodels are one of our favorite projects, we love keeping on top of the latest trends.

Richard has been eager to share some first-hand observations about what’s hot in kitchen remodeling these days—from appliance colors, drawers, and inventive backsplashes, to lighting technology that adds a whole new dimension to kitchen design.

Back to Black (or Shades of Grey)

Kitchen appliances have undergone many color changes over the years. From yellow, pink, and turquoise in the 50s, coppertone in the 60s, and the infamous avocado green and harvest gold of the 70s, it’s safe to say we were all a bit relieved when appliances “went white” for most of the 80s and 90s.

Then came the era of “restaurant quality kitchens,” and stainless steel appliances became all the rage. Lately, homeowners are moving away from “commercial stainless” appliances to black, shades of black, and even black (dark) stainless steel.

Should you convert your stainless appliances to the latest black stainless phenomenon? Just like regular stainless, black stainless is durable and matches most kitchen cabinets. Unlike straight stainless, it’s smudge and fingerprint proof. However, it’s not scratch-resistant in the same way stainless is: if you scratch black stainless, you’ll see a shiny surface underneath.

What Appliance?

Kitchen appliance colors are a moot point in this latest trend: concealing appliances behind matching cabinet panels.

Although this isn’t a new idea, it will certainly ensure your appliances won’t look dated as soon as appliance color trends change. Best of all, it adds a sense of warmth and finish to a kitchen, de-emphasizing the appliances for a focus on ambience.

Drawers Versus Doors

Speaking of cabinets, there was a time that homeowners felt trendy if they added a couple of large drawers in their lower kitchen cabinets. Today, almost all base cabinets are comprised of drawers, ranging from minimal depth for storing platters, trays, and plates, to maximum depth for stock pots, mixing bowls, and even smaller kitchen appliances.

Inventive Backsplashes

Richard loves working with homeowners to “create art” behind their cooktops. While we’re certainly able to do unique tile patterns, some recent examples have included a solid piece of glass, a solid slab of granite (that either complements or matches the counter), and new quartz products, as well as glass, metal, and other unique insets.

Lighting Anywhere

Under cabinet lighting has come a long way. A few years ago, the location and positioning of accent lighting was limited by the size of the required transformer box, the location of the box (and how discreetly it could be mounted), and the length of lighting the box could support.

With the dawn of LED lighting, accent lights can go almost anywhere—no cumbersome transformer box necessary—and homeowners are getting inventive: adding a soft glow under countertop edges, cabinet toe kicks, or at the top of ceiling behind a piece of crown molding. Best of all, LED technology uses almost no electricity and produces very little heat.

Integrated Flooring

The choices homeowners made about kitchen flooring were often more about accent, durability, and ease of maintenance. Lately however, more homeowners are choosing to bring the same flooring from the rest of their home into the kitchen, integrating hardwood floors or quarry tiles throughout all spaces to visually create a more open concept.

And so much more…

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel this year, come visit our Design Studio for ideas. We’ve got over 60 cabinet door styles, and countless samples of countertops, flooring, and hardware to explore. We’d love to help you select the best matches for your budget, aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and lifestyle!

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Skydell Contracting provides home remodeling, renovations and additions in central New Jersey, including kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, basement build-outs, insurance restorations, and handyman projects.
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