Come to the Other (Skydell) Side…

When you think of Skydell, we hope you already think “best kitchen / bath / basement / porch / remodel / home addition / deck builder in the known universe.” 🙂

However, many of you aren’t aware that there’s a whole other side to Skydell…

Just imagine an enchanted Household Honey-Do Godmother—someone able to magically transform your home with a few simple, affordable updates in just a few days….

While Richard Skydell may not carry a wand, what he and his crew can do to spruce up your home in just a couple of days will feel nothing short of a magical transformation.

Best of all, this time of year is the perfect time in our schedules for doing these quick updates:

Little Things That Make a House a Home

Perhaps you’ve always imagined enlarging that small doorway between your dining room and living room—possibly with a long, graceful arch—to open up the entire feel of your living space. Yup, we can do that for you.

A new front entry door is one of the top 5 ways to instantly give your home more beauty and value (and curb appeal if a change of address is in your future). If you wish, take it a step further with new exterior lighting, modern address numbers, and a skylight above the entry. Yup, we can do all of those (and more).

If your bathroom is looking a little outdated, but doesn’t need a complete overhaul, we can drop in a new sink, add some fresh lighting, and install modern tile where the old fiberglass shower insert used to be.

We love doing simple, affordable spruce ups!

Give us a call before the busy Spring remodeling season begins, and let Richard and his team check off those wish list items you’ve always dreamed of doing.

About Skydell Contracting

Skydell Contracting provides home remodeling, renovations and additions in central New Jersey, including kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, basement build-outs, insurance restorations, and handyman projects.
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