Gale and Israel Expand and Remodel Their Bridgewater Kitchen, Family Room, and Bathroom

Kitchen Remodel Addition Exterior Bridgewater

This project literally transformed the back half of a Bridgewater home—starting with a bump out of the kitchen and dining nook, after which we removed the wall between the kitchen and family room area, and remodeled all of the involved spaces including the family room, hallway, and an adjacent bathroom. We’ll let the photos tell the story…

Bridgewater kitchen remodel before 010

The kitchen, before remodeling…

Kitchen Remodel Addition Bridgewater

Same view of the kitchen, after remodeling

Take a moment to compare the above photo to the below photo. In the lower photo, you  can see the small counter peninsula, which was removed to make room for a cozy corner dining booth (shown above).

Bridgewater kitchen remodel before 012

Dining nook, before kitchen remodel

Meanwhile, the old wall full of cabinets…

Bridgewater kitchen remodel before 011

Wall of cabinets, before the remodel

…was replaced with beautiful custom cabinetry providing more storage space and a small task counter:

Bridgewater Kitchen remodel cabinets 306

Wall of cabinets, after the remodel

In the below photo, the original floor plan had a small doorway leading from the kitchen into the family room:

Bridgewater kitchen remodel before 013

By removing the wall between the kitchen and family room, we opened up the entire area for more light and circulation space:

Kitchen Addition Family Room Remodel Bridgewater 314

A second sliding glass door was installed between the kitchen and living room to provide more convenient, centrally located access to the back yard:

Bridgewater home remodel exterior during

With the wall opened up, the family room underwent a remodel… from this:

Family Room Remodel contractor Bridgewater 016

To this:

Family Room Remodel Bridgewater 303 sm

Last but not least, we updated the adjacent bathroom… from this:

Bathroom remodel Bridgewater before 021

To this:

Bathroom remodel bridgewater after 310

Click here to see the brand new deck we built on the back of this same home.

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